Weekly user testing: Login

One of the issues that was hanging around from the last redesign of the website was whether users understood what the Login button in the upper right corner did. Analytics showed it got use, but we weren’t sure if it was intuitive to first-time users or if people needed to be taught to use it.

Time for another guerrilla test!

The Login button takes people to a list of services that they can access, such as their library account, RefWorks, and RACER (ILL). We decided to focus on whether people understood they could use Login to access their library account to renew books, see fines, etc.

Again, we printed out the main page of the library site and headed out to the quad. We talked to about a dozen people and only two would use the Login button. Some of the strategies mentioned would tell people how to access their library account, so it wasn’t a wash. But we’re left with questions about that Login button because it’s obvious that it’s not, well, obvious.


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