Weekly user tests: Login revisited

Back in Week 3, we did a test to see if people knew to use our Login button to get into their Library account to renew books, see fines, etc. It was not a great success in terms of recognizing that “Login” got you where you needed to go.

The Fabulous Kevin Bowrin and I thought that maybe people would respond better to a button labeled “My Account,” since some of the comments we received during the test used the word “account.” I altered the button, took a screenshot and headed out to the quad with our first staff volunteer (yay Jane!).

We limited our question to one: “Imagine you’ve taken books out of the library and you want to renew them. Where would you go to do that?” We consistently heard “Services” and “Borrowing” (which is under “Services”) and one person said they’d go to the catalogue. No one mentioned “My Account.” Sigh.

But, every section they mentioned would (eventually) get them to where they needed to be. So do we have a problem? Web Committee has decided we don’t. Login does get used, our analytics tell us that. The button was always meant to be a shortcut, and if not everyone goes to the shortcut but manages to find what they need, then maybe “My Account” is a solution in search of a problem. And I hate those. So Login will stay.

For now.


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