I’m the Web Librarian at Carleton University Library and I try to do UX work when I can, in both the digital and the physical world. This started as a space for my colleagues inside and outside the library to see what’s happening with our library website and other web-related goings-on. But it’s grown to be more of a place where I capture and reflect on my experiences with UX.

I’d been meaning to start this blog well before I did in November 2014, and I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I was inspired by Matthew Reidsma’s work-related blog.

Also, although my name is on this thing, most of the web work I do is in concert with the fabulous Kevin Bowrin and my amazing Web Committee. Non-web work could be in concert with any number of people. I will try to always give credit where it’s due, but readers should always assume that I’ve done nothing alone.

Get in touch!
Twitter: @shelley_gee
Email: shelley.gullikson@carleton.ca


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