Research Projects

I start my first sabbatical on July 1, 2019 and I have a few research projects planned. I decided early on that I couldn’t spend a whole year working entirely on my own, so all of my projects have some component of working with other people.

Project 1: Love Letters to Academic Libraries

I’d like to gather love letters that users have written to academic libraries and do a meta-analysis to see if there are patterns among them. What do academic library users seem to love most? I’d also like to look at libraries’ strategic plans to see if what our users love matches what libraries seem to value. In order to do this project, I need people to send me their libraries’ love letters. Could you help?

Project 2: UX Work in Academic Libraries

I will be interviewing a wide range of people who do UX work in academic libraries to try to find out what kinds of structures and supports positively affect both the work itself and the people who do it. In order to do this project, I need people to agree to talk to me for about an hour. Could you help?

Project 3: Help-Seeking Behaviour of University Students

This one is a collaborative project and we haven’t worked out any of the details yet. More to come.